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On Top of a Small World by tortor13
On Top of a Small World
This was a super fun project we did in Digital Photography at my college. My cousin kind of accidentally walked in but we made it work! I'm so proud of this!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
You were walking along one day just minding your own business when a black van pulled up beside you and some very big men hopped out and grabbed you. They knocked you out an loaded you into the van before quickly driving off. When you wake up again you are in a small room with two doors. One is metal and very heavy as well as locked. The other is a simple swinging door that leads into a huge factory room. From what you can see its a milk factory of sorts... but in the center of the room hooked up to a giant milking machine... is a huge cow lady. There is wrapping around her chest and a very poorly made pair of shorts on her but her utters are being milked by the machine. She looks very sad and tired and doesn't notice you at first. You...

1) Go up and talk to her.

2) Try to find another way out.

3) Other?
Cow Lady rp
This is pretty much based of an rp I created with my boyfriend once. We had some fun with it so I'm curious to see what you guys do.

Rules: No intense gore, 18+ is allowed but note me first, please, PLEASE give me responces longer than just one word, two sentences minimum.

anything else, just ask.

Edit: I forgot to mention that there is switching if you would like.
Rainbow Squid Hat by tortor13
Rainbow Squid Hat
Just a quick upload to celebrate finally being able to draw with my computer again.


tortor13's Profile Picture
One happy college student!
United States
I'm a major video game freak, love going to the movies, and I don't judge people. My favorite animes are Soul Eater, Bleach, Sands of Destruction, Air Gear, and Inuyasha. I am the peace keeper in my group of friends and can't be mean to save my life.
Hello everyone... well... everyone that's still watching me after all of this absence and not responding to rps. I am terribly sorry that I have been gone for so long. So much has happened in my life and I just couldn't find quite enough time to check in or do any replies. I went to the east coast and met my amazing long distance boyfriend in person for the first time. He is just as amazing as I had hoped!! Then there was work and summer classes and *shudders* having three teeth pulled. Two being wisdom teeth. I'm still trying to recover fully from that.

Anyway... now that I'll be connected to internet almost all the time (in the afternoons anyway) I am going to work on replying to everyone and getting more work posted up here.

To sweet miss coop500 I have not forgotten about the trade I owe you. In all honesty I wasn't confident enough in my skill to be able to pay you back properly with a picture of that loving giant of yours. I have my own computer now though an am working on purchasing all of the software so I can get back to drawing.

And that's about all I have to say right now...  Again so sorry for being gone and I hope to be on much MUCH more often now for all of you.

Edit: Also I am going to be closing a bunch of my current rps and creating a few more. If any of you still want to keep working on the ones I have with you please PLEASE let me know. I'll feel terrible if I suddenly drop an rp you were having fun with or really enjoyed.

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